Living History of Science

Starting in 1993, The Living History of Science Agency first offered Newton, Ada Lovelace and Darwin, via the ASE January Conference.  Each actor was schooled by Johnny but encouraged to write their own scripts under his direction, so that the finished article was predominantly their own. Remarkably, while Newton and Ada were immediately popular, we never got One Single enquiry for Charles Darwin? This seems to be a sad state of history education, based on religious taboos?

Faraday, Brunel and Marie Curie soon followed and as Johnny began writing his Educational Stage Musicals, Davy, Dalton, Einstein, Galileo, Nightingale, Boulton, Watt and Murdoch came soon, while Johnny himself presented Mendel, Kelvin (at Glasgow University) and Joseph Priestley.

Today, David Hall who joined us in 1993, still presents Newton, Faraday and Brunel as well as Maths presentations for KS2 and early KS3 audiences, offering two 75 minute shows per day. Wherever David plays, he invariably receives raves and repeat bookings. 

To book David Hall for your school or event, please Email Johnny Ball Productions.