Johnny Ball Educational – Schools are Back – Hurray! Book Johnny for a Zoom or Actual Visit – 01753 643621

Johnny’s Zoom or Personal Visits to Schools and Colleges, always leave both students and staff with a greater enthusiasm for Maths and Science.

Johnny’s current Maths and Science Lecture, based on Wonders Beyond Numbers – his strongest presentation ever.  8 out of the last 10 presentations including literary festivals, SOLD OUT.

He is available for:

Student Maths Lectures adapted for ages 9 to 18 year olds. He can and does occasionally work with younger children but delivers less eductional material with more humour and comedy.

His Staff Motivational talks – in marketing, working as a team, energy, engineering, etc.

School Staff Inset Training – in Maths, Science and English – including Sixth Form College Insets. He specializes in Cross Curricular Maths, with links to art, architecture, sport and biology, chemistry and physics. He presents a KS 4 and 5 Maths Masterclass – The Gravity of the Situation. He talks on the origins of English words, an their Greek or Latin roots, especially worthwhile for poor readers or students whose first language is not English. His has designed and delivered many STEM Projects for all ages.—

NB. Understanding the desperate financial situation in the UK Educational System today, Johnny’s Educational and School Visit Fees are as low as is feasible – (No pun intended) – with regard to any project you might have in mind – SO DONT HESITATE TO CONTACT HIM AND “ASK”.