Ask Johnny Ball

Johnny worked on the Terry and Gabby Show for Channel 5 in 2003. Given Three Surprise Questions on Any Subject, 45 minutes later he would deliver the answers including a demonstration of 5 to 7 minutes without autocue. Search Out Three amazing videos on You Tube under “Terry and Gabby Johnny Ball”.

Johnny regularly writes for newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and online articles and is often a guest on TV and Radio chat shows. He strongly prefers to talk on Maths and Education and in fact sticks firmly to those topics these days unless asked for his specific opinions on other matters.

In the past he has often been asked to contribute thoughts on Climate Change, Wind and Solar Energy, Energy From Waste Plants, Fracking and Nuclear Power (Thirty years ago, he wrote and presented the video to open Torness Nuclear Power Station) as he has great depth of knowledge, having worked for many multi-nationals in the 1990’s  But he tends to decline those offers today, as unless he is given adequate time, his true position does not come across. 

Johnny Ball is definitely NOT A DENIER OF CLIMATE CHANGE, nor has he ever been such. But he does frown on over-simplification and blatant exaggeration and alarmism. He feels that in speaking to young people, one should always try to express rationality. He can do that most strongly and effectively, while talking on Maths, Science and Education.

He has written and delivered talks on Galileo, Gregor Mendel, Newton, Faraday, Boulton and Watt, William Murdoch, Joseph Priestley, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, Lady Ada Byron – Countess of Lovelace, Brunel, Florence Nightingale and Albert Einstein.

But he is most proud of his Books on Mathematics, culminating in the 480 page, Wonders Beyond Numbers – a Brief History of all things Mathematical 2017, Bloomsbury.

His “Sat Nav Savvy” article for Encarta Online Encyclopaedia, got 5% of all hits for the entire site in one Month.

Though his long time love is TV and Radio presenting, his occupation has always been Writer, as stated in his Passport.