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JOHNNY'S ONE MAN THEATRE TOURING SHOW "Wonders Beyond Numbers" is On Hold due to the Lock Down.

Deco Northampton and Bloomsbury, London - and a dozen more shows, POSTPONED TILL OCTOBER.

As soon as the current troubles are over, WE WILL BE ON THE ROAD AGAIN SOON.

Successful shows at Nottingham Playhoused, 18/1/20 and Wycombe Swan 15/2/20.

The show is based on his 2017 book, "Wonders Beyond Numbers - A Brief History of all things Mathematical" which gained 18 5* reviews on Amazon. Sold in China, Russia, Japan, Spain, Italy plus USA, Australie, Canada, etc.

 His recent talks at UK Book Festivals gathered 8 Sell Out Shows in the last 10 Events.


Johnnny has been entertaining for 60 years. 12 in Stand Up, 51 in TV, 38 in education. They overlap! He is not 101!

He began his TV career in Playschool, but is best known for his award winning TV shows, of which he wrote and presented 20 Series including Think of a Number, Think Again - BBC TV, Johnny Ball Reveals All - ITV  which inspired a generation towards confidence in mathematics, science and technology.

After his BBC days around 1988, the Corporate World beat a path to his door and he wrote and produced many award winning videos and educational projects. He worked for National Grid (6 yrs), BAE Systems (4 yrs), British Gas Lectures, (3 yrs), Engineering Council UK Tour, BT Lectures, 8 x 30min videos on Material Technology for DTI, etc.

Johnny wrote/produced & starred in 5 educational stage musicals between 1993 and 2003, with "Tales of Maths and Legends", sponsored by the DOE for Maths Year 2000, being the most successfull, reaching 160,000 in 2000.

Also in 2000 his Millenium Dome, Mind Zone Live Show, "With Your Mind and Tomorrows Technology, Anything is Possible," sponsored by BAE Systems, played to Rave Reviews and SOLD OUT completely for the year.

In 2012 he was the oldest ever Contestant on Strictly Come Dancing, at 74.

He wrote two Awards winning DK Books, “Think of a Number” 2005 won the USA Blue ribbon, ("Go Figure" - US) placing it in every library in the US as well as the Chicago Depository of Great Books. "Mathmagicians" 2009 ("Why Pi?" in the USA) was in 2018 placed Number 1 in a Californian list of most readable and educational children's books. Wonders Beyond Numbers (2017) has sold in Russia, China, Japan, Spain and Italy plus USA, Australia, etc. The Paperback has just been released.


Johnny is still strong and healthy and working all the time. He is available for Educational/Corporate Conferences, Maths and Science Inset Training, Special School events, Awards Ceremonies, Promotional Work, Media Days, Commercials, Voice Overs, etc.

Johnny has not had a personal agent for 25 years, but is still Always Working !!!

NB> Understanding the desperate shortage of finance in the UK Education System, today, Johnny's educational speaking fees are as low as is feasable. (No pun intended) with regard to any projects you might have in mind. SO DO AT LEAST CONTACT HIM AND "ASK!"

Retiring is not an option! He still skis and is thankfully very fit and loves nothing more than working!  

Contact Johnny directly by email:         Or Phone 01753 643621